Historical information

John Logan Smith 1860-1932 , the son of Irish immigrants James and Marianne Smith was born at their home near the 'Toll Gates' on Point Nepean Road and Dendy Street. East Brighton. At that time the area had many orchards that were later replaced by market gardens. J.L.Smith at first rented a cottage 'Law Muir Den' & Shed from Mr Box and commenced business as a wood merchant - sawing logs into shorter pieces using one horse to power the saw. He purchased the property, added to the buildings , began trading in fuel and fodder as well and installed a chaff cutting mill powered by 10hp steam engine. The business prospered
1909 following the death of Tommy Bent, J/L Smith was nominated for Councillor of the Shire of Moorabbin. WW1 1914 - 18 both John and Mary Ann supported local War Relief Auxiliaries and their son Vic served as a Signaler in AIF. As Motor transport was increasing 1926 J L Smith built a small Garage on the opposite corner (Woolworths Supermarket 2005) , employed a good mechanic ( Reg Hunt ) and developed another successful business. The Grain Store was managed by family until 1930.
In 1932 J L Smith assisted a man whose car had broken down, pushing it to the garage and sadly suffered a heart attack and died. He is buried in Cheltenham Cemetery.


J.L.Smith was an early settler in East Brighton now Bentleigh and established successful Wood cutting, Grain & Chaff cutting and Motor garage businesses in Centre Road . He was elected Councillor of the Shire of Moorabbin and, with Mary Ann, his family were involved with local Church, Red Cross, and other community organizations.

Physical description

2 x Black & White photographs showing horse drawn carts loaded with (a) Hay and (b) bags of grain outside J.L.Smith Grain & Chaff Store Centre Rd Bentleigh c1920