Historical information

This photograph shows land clearing at Bendoc.
From 1845 the Bendoc area was part of pastoral leases. In the 1850s alluvial gold was discovered in the Bendoc River. This was quickly exhausted, and a number of mines began successful reef operations. At the head of the river, the settlement of Clarkville clustered round several other mines. Many miners, including numbers of Chinese, sluiced the rivers. The population of the area was as high as 500 during this period.
The township was surveyed in 1869 and the hotel built in 1870. This building was burnt down in the early 1900s and rebuilt. A school was also begun at this time.
In the 1870s there was a decline in gold mining. Some miners selected land, which in many cases is still held by descendants. Dairying was common in the early days, supplying a butter factory at the New South Wales border, and a milk factory at Orbost in more recent times. Wheat was grown for the settlers' own use and ground at Bombala. Now beef cattle grazing is the main occupation. (info. from Victorian Places)


This is a pictorial history associated with the early settlement of Bendoc in East Gippsland.

Physical description

A badly distorted black / white photograph of a horse drawn wagon, three men and two women clearing land.

Inscriptions & markings

on back - "Clearing land at Bendoc"