Historical information

3 of 5 photographs of the Highett Gasworks c 1974
The Brighton Gas Company was established 1877 by local residents including Thomas Bent. Initially all went well for residents as gas light replaced kerosene lamps and street lights were installed. However disruption to supply, poor quality and failure to reach all house lead to dissatisfaction. Thomas Bent therefore began the Central Brighton and Moorabbin Gas Company 1885 and a price war ensued. This was unsustainable and the two companies amalgamated in 1877 supplying gas from the New Street Works site. 1930 this Company expanded to Highett where it had purchased 45 acres adjacent to the train line. 1927 a gas holder was built connected to the Brighton works 1936 construction began on a complete gas-making unit and the Highett Gasworks, Nepean Highway, began supply 1939. 1950 an extension program was completed. However by 1965 , with the discovery of Natural Gas offshore in Bass Strait, changes to Gas distribution were apparent. At first some of the facilities at Highett were used to distribute the gas piped from Sale, Gippsland. However after conversion of 450,000 homes to Natural Gas the Highett site was redundant. The gasometers were removed 1978. Moorabbin Council obtained part of the land for public recreation purposes. ( Dr. G Whitehead KCC Historian )
c2012 the Moorabbin Justice Centre / Magistrates Court of Victoria was built and further development of the area for apartments proceeds.


The establishment of the Brighton Gas Company 1877 and the Highett Gasworks 1885 brought bright lighting to houses, businesses and streets in Moorabbin Shire and cooking ovens and heating improved the living conditions of residents.

Physical description

3 x Colour photographs of the Highett Gasworks c1970