Historical information

The Friendly Societies Carnival at Mentone 1916 during WW1 was arranged to showcase the local activities and raise funds for the 'Discharged Wounded Soldiers Fund' = £140 was raised. As elsewhere in Australia most of the local young men had enlisted in the AIF and some were coming home wounded - many were killed on overseas battlefields. This Parade was led by the Cheltenham Brass Band with the following Friendly Societies AOF, IOR, HACBS, PAFS, and ANA. The PAFS - Protestant Alliance Friendly Society - had 2 entries 'Fruit & Vegetable Display' and 'The Murder of Nurse Edith Cavell' both floats won their category. The Carnival gave prizes for sports events on the Mentone Oval and a concert was held at night at the Mentone Ice Skating Rink.


World War 1 1914-1918 had a devastating impact on many early settler families whose sons had volunteered to serve in AIF. 1916 many of these young men were returning injured or had been killed overseas The Community rallied around to support these men and their families by holding fund raising events like the Carnival

Physical description

Black & White photograph of a horse drawn wagon displaying Fruit and Vegetables for a procession c 1916

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten ; Decorated wagon possibly part of a procession of market gardeners carts