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Map - Heidelberg: Historic River Landscape Assessment. Historical maps. Map D 1864 -1901 "Sleepy Hollow" and "Sleeping beauty"

From the Collection of Greensborough Historical Society 34 Glenauburn Road Lower Plenty Lower Plenty Victoria

Black and white sketch on white paper. Second copy 600 x 430 cm printed in black on semi-opaque paper
790 x 600 cm
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heidelberg, heidelberg - maps
Historical information
Geographical area of c. 35 sq. kilometres marked with physical features such as major roads, rivers, vegetation and properties, with locations and notes on the increasing number of farms, orchards and vineyards that had been developed in addition to pastoral runs. Bounded by Shire of Diamond Valley to the North, Darebin Creek to the West, and Plenty River to the East.
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Loder & Bayley (Maker)
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5 Jul 2019 at 7:02PM