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Photograph of blacksmith's shop, Tarnagulla - Blacksmith's shop, Tarnagulla

From the Collection of Tarnagulla History Archive Tarnagulla Public Hall, Commercial Rd Tarnagulla Victoria

Monochrome photograph depicting a large run-down weatherboard building at the north end of Commercial Road, Tarnagulla. Written in a sign on right side of building: 'Blacksmiths'.

Same as image THA-2019.0053
210 x 165 mm
Object Registration
tarnagulla, commerce, industry, blacksmithing, smithing, coachbuilding, businesses, stafford & sons, norwood, mcnamee, buildings, hotels, horses, stables, commercial road, main street
Historical information
Murray Comrie Collection.

This photograph shows the blacksmiths premises on the north end of Commercial Road, Tarnagulla.

Information collated by Murray Comrie:
This building was demolished in the 1970s. The first use of the site was as the George Hotel licensed to an A.B. Clay in 1858, then Waller and Robinson. Charles Waller operated his Excelsior Line of coaches from the George Hotel stables. John Ousley took over the stables for use as a blacksmith's shop. He sold out to Stafford & Sons in 1908. Staffords found the existing premises at the George Hotel too small and built this building. Frank McNamee later took over the premises and operated it for many years.

This photograph is a reasonable copy created from an older original. Copy probably made by Murray Comrie in the 1970s.
When Made
c. 1960
Last updated
24 Jun 2019 at 9:19AM