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black and white photograph

From the Collection of Orbost & District Historical Society Ruskin Street Orbost Victoria

A black / white photograph of two small twin Aboriginal girls in a large pumpkin floating on water. There is a Union Jack at each end with "HMAS CENTENARY 1934" on the side.
H-120mm W-143mm
Object Registration
pumpkins-orbost warren-helena-photographer mason-marion mason-may aboriginal-children
Historical information
This is a photograph of the twin daughters of Mrs Trixie Mason - Marion and May,. They had a brother Alec Mason. The Mason Twins are the granddaughters of George and Agnes Thomas from Newmerella .
The photographer was Warren, Helena (1871-1962) who was a self-taught photographer who became both the local press correspondent and a producer of humorous trompe l'oeil postcard images. Helena Warren was a thirty-two year old settler living on a small mixed farm with her husband, William, at Newmerella, near Orbost in Gippsland, Victoria, when she bought her first camera, an Austral Box quarter-plate. Her family says she was entirely self-taught, like many women photographers who started out with nothing but the instructions on the packets of film and chemicals. In over fifty years practice she graduated from the total novice, who opened all her first mail order plates in bright sunlight and ruined them, to a competent photographer who became both the local press correspondent and an inveterate producer of humorous trompe l’oeil postcard images.
When Made
Made By
Warren, Mrs H. (photographer)
This photograph has significance in its association with Helen Frances Warren, a popular Orbost identity who was well known as an accomplished photographer and needleworker.
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