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From the Collection of Clunes Museum 36 Fraser Street Clunes Victoria

.1 United Friendly Societies of Clunes Minute Book containing Receipts and Disbursements 1877-1914
.2 Clunes Free Lending Library Letter Book 1912-1921
.3 Clunes Free Lending Library Minute Book 1905-1912
.4 Clunes Free Lending Library Minute Book 1894-1901
.5 Clunes Free Lending Library Minute Book 1884-1893
.6 Clunes Free Lending Library Loans Register
.7 Letter to the Secretary, Medical Union, Clunes, with envelope addressed to Mr L Chambers, Medical Committee, Clunes
.8 Letter Australian Women's Association , Clunes Branch 2536 dated 23 September 1914 advising that Mr Harden will represent the Branch at the meeting on Thursday September 24th, 1914
Object Registration
clunes free lending library, record keeping, australian womens association, medical union
Historical information
Administrative and financial records of the United Friendly Society of Clunes and the Clunes Free Lending Library in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries
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