Historical information

Herbert Trangmar Allan, refer 2755.4 for his extensive service history and wards. .2) Details gifting of a pair of Japanese binoculars to Col H T ALLAN by Pacific Island Regiment. .3) Certificate issued by Winston Churchill, Secretary of State for War (The War of 1914-1918), awarded to Capt H T ALLAN MC. .4) Herbert Trangman ALLAN born 5.1.1895 at Woolwich, NSW. Middle name misspelled, should be Trangmar not Trangman. .6) Congratulating H T ALLAN on receiving the Military Cross award for leading 2 companies which had lost officers during action on Passchendaele Ridge on 9.10.1917. .7) Describes life behind the lines whilst H T ALLAN's battalion has been resting for a month. Daily life consisted of training drills, sport & entertainment. Writer takes time to describe the countryside & weather. .8) Relate to H T ALLAN's military exam results & his promotion to 2nd Lieutenant in 1915. .9) To Herbert Allan's father, Mr P Allan detailing the citation for awarding of the Military Cross to Herbert ALLAN. Original citation appeared in the London Gazette,5.4.1918. .10) Form addressed to Capt H ALLAN MC, 17th Battalion stating his period of enlistment in the 1st AIF was to expire 26.5.1919. .11) Letter from Lord BIRDWOOD (General) to Herbert ALLAN in response to a letter received 19.11.19?. General BIRDWOOD expresses his opinions on difficulties the allied troops face in their fight against the Japanese. .12) Letter to Capt H T ALLAN advising of MID oak leaves sent to him. Details guidelines for attaching oak leaves to both the larger Victory Medal & the small service dress medal. .13) Form details H T ALLAN's WWII Army No, Rank, Unit & Decorations & Medals held. The form has not been signed & dated. .14) Details service record of Lt Col H T ALLAN NX12229. Includes military service from 1912 - 1944, schools & courses attended, decorations, promotions & overseas service. .16) Form issued to H T ALLAN on 15.12.1939 granting permission to leave New Guinea for Australia & return within a period of 12 months. Issued by Customs Office in Salamaua. Lists H T ALLAN's age as 44, height 5' 10" & occupation. .17) Letter from Major General MORSHEAD GOC, AIF (ME) to Major H T ALLAN, OBE, MC congratulating him on being awarded the OBE for outstanding service at Tobruch. .18) Letter from Major General MORSHEAD to Major H T ALLAN, OBE, MC replying to ALLAN's letter of 15.6.1943. MORSHEAD is congratulating ALLAN on his appointment to New Guinea Force, also acknowledges his excellent service record. .19) Letter acknowledges H T ALLAN's resignation from the Office of Production Member of the Australian New Guinea Production Control Board, effective from 28.8.1946. .20) Major General WINDEYER commanded the 20th Brigade from 1942-1946. .22) Card sent from the CO of the 3rd Australian Anti-Tank Regiment. .23) Menu for Farewell Dinner held in the Officer's Mess of the 20th Infantry Brigade, Tobruch on 22.10.1941. .24) Menu & Toast list for Farewell Dinner to Brigadier J J MURRAY DSO MC VD. Attended by H T ALLAN & held in the Officers Mess, 2/17 Australian Infantry Battalion on 22.12.1941. .25) Invitation to Col H T ALLAN by Lady Gowrie (wife of Governor General Baron Gowrie) to attend a Luncheon at Government House, Canberra, ACT. .26) Letter to Major (T/Lt Col) H T ALLAN from Major W A JENNER advising him of his secondment to 2/17 Australian Infantry Battalion & appointment to command 5 Aust Base Sub Area. .27) Application for Africa Star with Eighth Army Clasp signed by H T ALLAN & approved by Lt Colonel of 2/17 Australian Infantry Battalion. H T ALLAN held the rank of Major (substantive) at the time of qualification, 1.3.1942 - 11.1942. He held the rank of Lt Colonel at the time of application in 2.1944. .28) Detailing changes in command & promotions including that of Lt Col H T ALLAN, dated 1.4.19? .29) For Lt Col H T ALLAN detailing movements required by First Australian Army command. .30) Acknowledgement & confirmation of Col H T ALLAN's application for campaign awards for WWII. .31) Letter addressed to Lt Col H T ALLAN from Lt Gen Stanley Sauige requesting information on New Britain for a forthcoming visit. .32) Certificate was presented to H T ALLAN on 16.4.1942 when he was awarded an OBE by King George VI. .33) Document details H T ALLAN's relinguishing of Command of the HQ of Pacific Islands Regiment. ALLAN also relinguished the rank of temporary Colonel & was transferred to the Reserve of Officers with rank of substantive Lt Colonel. .35) Official letter to Colonel H T ALLAN from Joseph Francis, Minister for the Army. The letter acknowledges Col ALLAN's long & distinguished career during both peace & wartime. .36) a) & b) From H T ALLAN (assumed) to Prime Minister J B CHIFFLEY referring to the production of copra in New Guinea, the actions of the Commonwealth Bank in relation to planters & the collaboration of New Guinea natives with the Japanese. Assumed to be a copy of original. .37) Letter to H T ALLAN indicating he had been placed on the Retired List with the rank of Honorary Colonel. .38) Letter invites H T ALLAN to officially open the State Conference in Lae in late March or early April 1958. Invitation was extended due to H T ALLAN for distinguished service in PNG. .39) Letter to H T ALLAN thanking him for accepting the invitation to open the Papua & New Guinea State Conference in late March or early April 1958. .40) Letter from H T ALLAN to Lt Gen Sir Henry WELLS, Chief of the General Staff, Victoria Barracks, Melbourne. ALLAN requests permission to wear his uniform for official engagements during his upcoming visit to New Guinea. ALLAN also offers advice on how to deal with native troops including serving time with them, learning their language & studying their customs. He suggests that this would help quell & dissent & revolt. .41) Reply from Major General DALY to HT ALLAN thanking him for his offer to spend time with the CO of the Pacific Island Regiment to address concerns with that unit. This meeting would coincide with ALLAN's upcoming visit to PNG. .42) HT ALLAN's reply to Major General T J DALY's letter of 26.2.1958. ALLAN requests an opportunity to discuss PIR issues with Major General DALY prior to his visit to PNG. .43) Major General T J DALY's reply to HT ALLAN's request for a meeting to discuss ongoing issues with the Pacific Island Regiment. .44) Letter from HT ALLAN to Brigadier D M CLELAND notifying him that he will be staying in Port Moresby on his way to the RSS&AILA Congress in Lae. .45) Lieutenant Colonel MCGUINN writes to invite Colonel ALLAN to visit the PIR during his visit to New Guinea at the end of March of the beginning of April 1959. .46) Letter of appreciation to H T ALLAN thanking him for his efforts in presenting the case for the Territory of New Guinea during the post WWII transition period. .47) Letter to H T ALLAN from New Guinea Citizens Association, Lae Branch, thanking him for his service on behalf of the people of the Territory of New Guinea. The association offered to send ALLAN a suitable present in recognition of his service. .48) Major General T J DALY's reply to HT ALLAN's suggestions for handling disquiet amongst the native troops in the Pacific Island Regiment. .49) Reply from Lieutenant General WELLS to H T ALLAN granting him permission to wear his uniform on his forthcoming visit to New Guinea. WELLS also notes that he has passed other requests made by ALLAN to Major General DALY. .50) Copy of H T ALLAN's reply to Lieutenant General WELL's letter of 24.2.1958 [.49)]. .51) A written account of Colonel H T Blue ALLAN's visit to New Guinea in 3.1958. Article appeared on p.65 & 67 of the 6.1958 edition of Pacific Islands Monthly. .52) Newspaper account of Colonel H T Blue ALLAN's opening of the Rabaul Branch of the Native Ex Servicemen's Association. Colonel ALLAN spoke of the involvement of the Pacific Islands Regiment during WWII. .53) The Rabaul Times account of Colonel H T Blue ALLAN's opening of the Rabaul Branch of Native Ex Servicemen's Club. Featured on p1, concluded p3. .54) Biographical account of Colonel H T ALLAN's service in WWI & WWII. In addition an account of his success in New Guinea between the wars is included. .55) a.b. Biography of Colonel H T ALLAN written by R W Robson who was the founder of the Pacific Islands Monthly. Article was written following ALLAN's death on 23.5.1967 aged 72. This item is a pre publication copy of Robson's article which appeared in the Pacific Islands Monthly. .56) Text of a valedictory given at the funeral of Colonel Herbert Trangmar ALLAN OBE, MC, ED, NX12229 held 26.5.1967 following his death on 23.5.1967. The speech summarized his life in both wars & civilian life. 57) Invitation issued to Colonel H T & Mrs ALLAN to attend a Garden Party at Government House on 18.2.1954. At this function Colonel H T & Mrs ALLAN were to be presented to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Physical description

Herbert T ALLAN Collection. .1) Large teal green album containing 16 plastic pockets each with white card insert. Various documents & photos contained in each pocket. .2) Typed letter, black type on cream paper. .3) Certificate mounted on fawn card backed with dark brown veneer. Presented to Capt H T ALLAN MC for being mentioned in despatches on 7.11.1917. .4) New South Wales Birth Certificate extract, printed on pink paper with watermark. .5) Telegram on tissue paper to a sheet of cream paper. Pin located top L corner. Requests the attendance of Lt Herbert ALLAN, Russell Hotel, Russell Square. .6) Typed letter mounted on grey cardboard. .7) 2 page letter on foolscap paper, secured by pin top L corner. Written from France by Herbert (Bert) ALLAN & addressed to his father. .8) 11 pages secured with a clip top L corner. 1st document typed, 2nd handwritten, remainder printed. Relate to H T ALLAN's military exam results. .9) Typed letter from Department of Defence Base Records Office to P ALLAN. .10) Document, printed form to inform the recipient that their period of enlistment in the 1st AIF had expired. .11) 4 page handwritten letter on 2 sheets of paper. 1st page has a printed letterhead. .12) BR Form No 20. Typed formal letter from AIF Base Records Office to accompany Mentioned in Despatches oak leaves sent to the recipient. .13) Form AAFA36 used for recommending the awarding of an Efficiency Decoration. Form details service record & details of a serving soldier. .14) 1 large / 1 small page, numbered, detailing the service record of Lt Col H T ALLAN. Black type on cream paper. 2 pages are loose but evidence of attachment visible. .15) Bachelor of Arts Degree Certificate (testamur) granted by the University of Sydney, awarded to Herbert Trangmar ALLAN. Printed on cream parchment. .16) Proforma document issued by the Territory of New Guinea permitting leave & return to the Territory. Printed 2 sides, black type on cream paper. .17) Letter on Australian Imperial Force letterhead from Major General MORSHEAD to Major H T ALLAN. .18 Letter on HQ2 Aust Corps letterhead from Major General MORSHEAD to Major H T ALLAN. .19) Typed letter on External Territories letterhead from J R Halligan to H T ALLAN. .20) Cream Christmas card folded in 2, sent to H T ALLAN. On front in black lettering is HQ 20th Australian Infantry Brigade below black Rising Sun emblem. Inside in black lettering is With Best Wishes for Christmas and New Year. Christmas 1944. .21) Cream card folded in 2. Front illustration depicts a devil figure riding a platypus & carrying a pennant with 2/13 on it. The devil is depicted attacking a German & Japanese soldier. Below the devil is a boomerang with Greetings Xmas 1944 printed on it. Illustration is in green & black. Inside on LHS is a message from 2/13 Battalion. On RHS is a list of 2/13 battle honours from 1940-1943. On back in black print is 1944-1945 New Guinea Australia. .22) Cream Christmas card folded in 2. Front illustration in brown with word Greetings in green. RHS inside printing in green & brown letters. Artillery badge on back in brown. .23) Cream card folded in 2. Typed menu on cream paper attached inside. Front cover illustrated with 20th Infantry Brigade colour patch & a rat over a scroll with words - So What? .24) Cream card folded in 2. On front black printing accompanied by 2/17 Battalion colour patch that is black over green diamond shape. Inside a list of Toasts & Dinner Menu printed in black. Back page for autographs. .25) Cream invitation card. Black cursive script printing below gold crown on front. .26) Typed letter on cream paper. .27) Typed foolscap application form to claim the Africa Star. .28) & .29) Message form filled with typed orders. .30) Typed letter acknowledging an application for campaign medals & listing eligible awards. .31) Typed letter on bond paper. .32) Certificate on cream parchment. Black print in cursive script. Text details the awarding of an OBE to the recipient. .33) Typed text on Australian Military Forces letterhead. Cream paper. .34) Typed text. Temporary note for H T ALLAN's discharge from AMF. .35) Typed letter on Commonwealth of Australia, Minister for the Army letterhead. .36) a) & b) 2 page letter in black type on cream paper. Pages are loose, letter unsigned. .37) 1 page typed letter on Australian Military Forces letterhead. .38) & .39) 1 page typed letter on Return Sailors, Soldiers & Airmen's Imperial League of Australia, Papua & New Guinea Branch letterhead. .40) 1 page typed letter, unsigned. .41) Single sided typed letter on Australian Military Forces letterhead on cream paper. .42) 1 page typed letter, unsigned on cream paper. .43) Single sided typed letter on Australian Military Forces, Northern Command, Victoria Barracks, Brisbane letterhead on cream paper. .44) Single sided typed letter on cream paper. .45) 2 page typed letter on folded cream paper bearing the letterhead of the Pacific Islands Regiment. .46) 1 page typed letter on cream, lined paper. .47) 1 page typed letter on cream paper. .48) 1 page typed letter on Australian Military Forces, Northern Command Headquarters, Victoria Barracks, Brisbane letterhead on cream paper. .49) 1 page typed letter on Chief of General Staff, Australian Military Forces, Army Headquarters, Victoria Barracks, Melbourne letterhead on cream paper. .50) 1 page copy of an unsigned letter on cream paper. .51) Magazine article: Building a New Nation in New Guinea : Some advice from Colonel Blue ALLAN. Black & white article with a 2nd small section stapled to the main page. Large page features a black & white captioned photo of a group listening to a uniformed Officer deliver a speech. Also features advertising front & back. .52) Newspaper article: Official Opening of Native Ex Servicemen's Club. Black & white typed newspaper article featuring a captioned black & white photo of a uniformed Australian Officer & a group of New Guinea Ex Servicemen. .53) a. b. c. Newspaper article: Master Blue Came Back to the Islands: 4000 Attend Club Opening. 3 Section article cut from a newspaper. One part is the banner of the newspaper with date published. Other sections contain the text of the article. The larger section features a black & white photo of an Australian Army Officer in uniform. .54) Newspaper article, untitled. Black & white typed newspaper article with black & white caricature of an Australian Army Officer featured. .55) a. b. Magazine article: The Story of a Big Man who Loved Soldiering. 2 page black & white typed article with sub headings. .56) Text of a Speech. 2 page typed text written for a valedictory given at a funeral. Pages connected with a staple in the top L corner. .57) Printed, cream card invitation to a Garden Party for the recipient to meet Queen Elizabeth II & The Duke of Edinburgh. Text is in cursive script under the Coat of Arms of Her Majesty.

Inscriptions & markings

.2) Signature ? Capt S C PIR. .4) Date of issue typed: 30.11.1954 Name of recipient: Herbert Trangman Allan Stamped: T Wells, Registrar General NSW .5) Handwritten: To Lt Herbert Allan, Russell Hotel, Russell Square. Typed: Buckingham Palace OHS. Your attendance is required at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday next the Twentyeighth inst (28.11.19?) at ten o'clock am service dress please telegraph acknowledgement Lord Chamberlain London. Stamped: Central District 24 NO 19. .6) Signed in pencil: W Birdwood. In pencil on back: 15 x 12. .8) p1: Handwritten signature. Copy dated 29.12.1915. p2 Handwritten in ink: P Allan Esq, Mount Hunter Hill. Military Examination. Copy dated 29.12.1915. Handwritten in pencil: Results: H T Allan. Tactics - Distinction 92% HE Barff p3 Underlined in ink: 38th Infantry Herbert Trangmar Allan to be 2nd Lieutenant (provisionally). Dated 16 June 1914. p5 Handwritten: Total 139. Lieut Allan tied with 15 others for 20 place. p7, 9, 10 & 11underlined in ink: H T Allan. p8 Underlined in ink: Allan HT. .9) & .10) Signature in black ink. .12) Handwritten signature in black ink: On back handwritten signature in black ink: Clive Wilkinson, Buddong, Robinson St, Chatswood. Also ? Rd, Cremorne Pt. .13) Handwritten in black ink: Details of HT Allan's Commission Service from 16.6.1914 - 18.2.1946. .15) Handwritten signature of the University Chancellor, Dean of Faculty of Arts & Registrar. Handwritten name of recipient. Seal of the University of Sydney imprinted bottom LHS. .16) Handwritten in black ink: Details of recipient. Stamped in red ink: New Guinea Customs. Stamped in blue ink: H M Customs, Cooktown, dated 17.12.1939. Handwritten on reverse: Signature. Stamped on reverse in red ink: New Guinea Customs, dated 15.12.1939. .17) & .18) Handwritten signature: Major General Morshead. .19) Handwritten signature in black ink: J R Halligan. .20) Handwritten inside in blue ink: Lt Col Allan. Good wishes from your many friends here. Signed by Major General Windeyer. .21) Inside LHS handwritten in blue ink: Lt Col Allan & an indecipherable signature. .22) Inside RHS handwritten: To Major (Blue) Allan OBE MC from Lt Col? .23) On front handwritten in blue ink: H T Allan?. Inside in black ink & pencil are 19 signatures. .24) On front: 3 signatures in black ink & pencil. On back: 36 signatures in black & blue ink & pencil. .25) On back handwritten in black ink: Colonel H T Allan OBE MC, with 3 ink lines below name. .26) Handwritten in blue/black ink: Signature. Handwritten in blue pencil top R corner: A32/3477. Handwritten in black ink bottom L corner: Cond (?) 15/9A. Handwritten in black ink: Signature. .27) Stamped top R corner: 2/17 Bn Received 9.2.1944. Signature in black ink: H T Allan. Signature in black ink: ? Lt Col 2/17 Aust Inf Bn 10.2.1944 Page bottom in pencil: Blue will keep 1 1/4 for you? .30) Handwritten: Details of eligible medals. Handwritten signature: J C K Miller Capt 7.3.50. Handwritten bottom L corner: Col H T Allan Bottom R corner: OBE, MC, 1914-19, Victory, ED, MID 1914-18, MID 1939-45 On back: Steak & Kidney Morris ) Clark ) Vowood ) 10/- 70215 Maughan ) Allan ) .31) Top of page: Imprinted Coat of Arms Top LHS in black ink: TOP SECRET AND PERSONAL Handwritten signature: Stanley Sauige .32) Embossed top L corner: Seal of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Handwritten: Mary R. .32) Signed: Queen Mary, mother of George VI. .33) Handwritten signature. .34) Handwritten in blue ink: HERBERT TRANGMAR ALLAN 6 MAY 46 Handwritten signature. .35) Handwritten signature in blue ink: Joseph Francis, Minister for the Army. .37) Handwritten signature. .38) & .39) Handwritten signature: J W Knight. .41), .43) & .45) Handwritten signature in blue ink. .46) & .47) Handwritten signature in black ink: Henry G Eckhoff. .48) Handwritten signature in blue ink: With best wishes Yours sincerely T J Daly. .49) Handwritten signature in black ink: Yours sincerely H Wells. .57) Handwritten in black ink: Colonel & Mrs H T Allan.