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Digital Image - Crotonhurst Avenue street sign

From the Collection of Mission to Seafarers Victoria 717 Flinders Street Docklands Victoria

Colour photograph of street sign , Crotonhurst Avenue, Caulfield North.
Object Registration
lhlg, drawing room meeting, crotonhurst, reverend weller, sophia sarah annie langdon, nee webb (1863-1948), willaim farrar langdon (1861-1943)
Historical information
Crotonhurst was the estate of Mr William F. Langdon and his wife Sophia, the daughter of judge George H.F. Webb.

A drawing room meeting was organised here by the Ladies' Harbour Lights Guild on 13 July 1926 hosted by Mrs Langdon.

In an article published in the Australasian on Saturday 24 July 1926 we could read:
" A drawing room meeting in connection with the Victoria Missions to Seamen took place on July 13, at Crotonhurst, Caulfield, the picturesque home of Mrs. W. F. Langdon, when the chaplain to the mission (the Rev. J. R. Weller) and other speakers explained the purpose of the Ladies' Harbour Lights Guild, and urged its claim to interest and support from the people of Victoria. The chair was taken by the mayor of Caulfield (Councillor Page), who spoke sympathetically of the fine work being carried on "week-in week-out" by members of the guild. The honorary treasurer of the guild (Miss Tracy) spoke of the need for more annual subscribers."

The estate was demolished in 1937.
When Made
Drawing room meetings were organised by the Ladies' Harbour Lights Guild to raise awareness and recruit new members.
The hostess of the meeting were often but not always the secretary of the local branch of the Guild.
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