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Digital Image - Graylings and Godfrey street signs

From the Collection of Mission to Seafarers Victoria 717 Flinders Street Docklands Victoria

Street signs in St Kilda East depicting the area surrounding what was the Grayling estate owned by Frederick Race Godfrey until his death in 1910.
Object Registration
graylings, frederick race godfrey (1828-1910), ethel augusta godfrey
Historical information
Graylings estate was purchased by Frederick Race Godfrey around 1872 on return of a family trip to England.

Reverend Gurney Goldsmith met Ethel Godfrey here while he was invited for lunch and rose her interest in the cause of the sailors. The Godfreys organised two picnics for sailors on their property, one in 1905 and one in 1910.

The estate was auctioned and subdivided in 1910 after Fredrick's death.
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