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From the Collection of Clunes Museum 36 Fraser Street Clunes Victoria

.1 Copy of sepia photograph of Jane Ann Jones, age 14 years, Date of Birth 17 June 1882 and Elizabeth Mirriam age 4 years Date of Birth 1 September 1892
.2 Copy of sepia photograph of Elizabeth Jones (nee Paull) Mother of Jane Ann and Elizabeth Mirriam
.3 Copy of sepia photograph of Elias David Jones who married Elizabeth (nee Paull), Father to Jane Ann who died at age 72 years, Phillip, (killed when 11 years of age), Elias ( killed in Western Australian mine at age 19), Paull who died at age 65 years, Benjamine who died from war injuries, Elizabeth Mirriam and Rachel who died at age 6 weeks
.4 Copy of sepia photograph of
Back Row: Benjamine Jones, Jane Ann Jones, Paull Jones, Elias Jones Jnr
Front Row: Elizabeth Jones (nee Paull), Edward? married to Jane An, Elizabeth Mirriam
.5 Letter of acknowledment to the donor of this material from Clunes Museum dated 23 November 2008
.6 Hand written list in pencil of people who appear in these photographs
Object Registration
jones family, paull family, travelling photographer, mining death
Historical information
These images were taken by a travelling photographer in the goldfields of Clunes, Victoria, Australia circa 1896
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