Historical information

The inside pages of this pamphlet list the many donors and subscribers who initially supported the Victorian Mission to Seamen whose first chapel was based on a floating Hulk named the Emily. The most generous 1857 donors at 20 guineas Dove and Oswald, ship owners, (also the name of the Heritage floating dock at Williamstown). The point of this pamphlet published in 1957 appears to be a reminder of longstanding support and as part of an appeal to new donors to assist with increased costs. It may well have been designed to hand out at screening of the short documentary produced by Cinesound circa 1956/57 and 'starring' Padre Oliver visiting ships and footage of the Mission interiors at both 717 Flinders st and the Deco 1936 building at Port Melbourne.


The listing of donors is of some historical significance showing the range and names and is a useful reference for further research re significant figures of Melbourne and Victoria in the original establishment of the Mission by the Bethel Union.

Physical description

single fold paper pamphlet with blue printed text with flag of the Missions to Seamen at top of page.

Inscriptions & markings

List of Donations / made in 1857 to the / Victoria Missions / to Seamen / Today -
According to the bank of New South Wales / the price paid today for gold is nearly four times as much as in 1857. / and- / In 1907 the basic wage was 2 pounds 2/- ( 2 Guineas) / In 1957, 12 - 15 pounds/ Over six times as much.
Inside the pamphlet alphabetical list of donors