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bills trough

From the Collection of Lara RSL Sub Branch McClelland Ave Lara Victoria

The Billa concrete trough is associated with Annis and George from 1927 who establish a fund in the early 20th century to provide adequate watering facilities for horses and dogs. It is just one of over more than one troughs throughout
Australia and the United States.
concrete water trough
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Historical information
The Bills Cement Trough consists of two parts a large horse trough and a smaller dog,trough which was donated by Annis and George Bills. It is not known whether this trough was donated and installed prior to or after the death of George Bills in 1927.
The installation was under taken by The Metropolitan Drinking and Cattle Trough Association which had been set up in England by an English Organisations in 1859 to provide water facilities for both drivers and animals.
The Bills drinking trough, corner of Walker and Rennie Streets, Lara, is significant as it forms part of the Annis and George Bills Estate., which was established to provide watering facilities for horses after George's death in 1927. The concrete structure
is also a legacy of the days of horse drawn vehicles before cars were introduced.
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