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From the Collection of Clunes Museum 36 Fraser Street Clunes Victoria

Bundles of papers from the State Savings Bank, Clunes
- Loss of Pass Book Notices 1918-1961
- Deceased Estates 1916-1965
- A/C Stops 1923-1961
- Passbook Cheque Book 1949
- Stat Dec 1946
- Dep. Book School Bank 1978-1979
- Pass Books (2) 1953-1968 and 1948-54
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state savings bank of victoria, bank documents
Historical information
The first Government controlled savings bank was established on 1 January 1842 under New South Wales legislation. Known as the Savings Bank of Port Phillip it was administered by a Board of Trustees and a Vice-President. Branches of this Bank were subsequently established in other parts of the colony.
In 1853 a statutory body known as The Commissioners of Savings Banks in the Colony of Victoria was constituted under the Savings' Bank Act and each bank was thereafter to be a separate and independent institution with its own trustees and officers - however, between 1896 and 1912 the independent Savings Banks of Victoria merged to become a single institution and this development was formalised by the 1912 legislation.
From 1980 the Bank was known as the State Bank of Victoria under the provisions of the State Bank Act 1980.
The State Bank of Victoria established its own Archives before the Bank was sold in 1990 to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. After the sale, the Archives of the State Bank continued to operate until the Archives' holdings were transferred to the state archives.
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