Historical information

These documents come from a collection of material from the Baulch families of Dunmore and Rose Park estates in Western Victoria in the Macarthur district. They concern the sales of the Green Hills Estate (1910) and the Olangolah estate (1915) near Woolsthorpe. Both were offered for sale by the owner, Colin Tulloh. The properties bordered on Baulch property belonging to Stan Baulch (1897-1980) and hence this is the reason for their being included in Baulch estate material.


These items are of minor interest and will be useful to researchers as they show the sizes and some owners of some early 20th century Western District properties.

Physical description

.1 A single sheet of white paper with a map or plan of a property and black printing. The paper is creased and torn slightly at the edges. 2 A single sheet of white paper with a map of a property on one side and black printing on the other. The paper is creased and torn at the edges.

Inscriptions & markings

The Green Hills Estate Western District Estate ‘Olangolah’