Historical information

David Miller (Dave) Mair (1879-1938) married Lily Vipond Deakin (1890-1945) in 1910. They had 5 children: Geoffrey David (1913-1970), Beryl (1916-1976), Gwynneth (1917-1997), Isabel Lillian (1921-1997) and Shirley Inez (1928-1968). Personal communication from Laurie Newton, Beryl's daughter: Dave and Lily initially lived in East Melbourne after they married. Dave walked across the gardens to work at the MCG. He never drove or owned a car. Geoffrey, Beryl and Gwynneth were born in East Melbourne. They subsequently moved to Louise Avenue, Mont Albert and Isabel may have been born while they were there. Later they purchased 20 Barton Street, Mont Albert. Electoral roll details: 1919 68 Park Street, Hawthorn 1922 24 Louise Avenue, Mont Albert 1924 20 Barton Street, Mont Albert So, Shirley would have been born while they were at Barton Street. On the basis of these dates, this may have been taken in Hawthorn. Identification of 'Grannie': If this is Lily's mother her name is Janet Deakin (nee Longmore - 1851-1939). If it is Dave's mother her name is Isabel Brown (1855-1944). The other woman is identified as May Little, who helped in the house. Dave Mair was a very keen sportsman.

Physical description

A sepia photo of a well-dressed family in and beside a buggy. The group is comprised of a man, 3 women and 3 children. The chimneys of Victorian or perhaps Edwardian houses are in the background.

Inscriptions & markings

On rear: "Grannie Dad Mum / Beryl Geoff Isabel" (in hand 1 and blue biro) "on left Isabel on knee" (in a different hand in black biro) "May Little (Helped in / House" (in hand 1 in blue biro). On the basis of inscriptions in family autograph books, the first and third inscriptions look to have been written by Beryl Mair.