Historical information

The Ballarat Technical Art School was established in 1907 as a division of the Ballarat School of Mines.

Physical description

Folded brochure with a prospectus for the newly established Ballarat Technical Art School. The principal was Herbert H. Smith.

Subjects taught included Dressmaking, Millinery. Ladies Tailoring, Manual training, Carpentry, House Decoration, Signwriting, Lettering, Stenciling, Marbling, Graining, Glass Embossing, Ticket Writing, Art Teachers' Course, Life Classes, State School Teachers' CLasses, Drawing from a Flat Example, Drawing Ornament for the Cast, Practical Geometry, Perspective. Drawing in Light and Shade from the Cast, Modelling Plant Forms, Historic Ornament, Drawing the Antique From Memory, Composition of Form and COlour, Human Anatomy, Design, etc.