Historical information

David Miller (Dave) Mair's (1879-1938) extended family - Grannie would be his mother Isabel / Isabella Brown (1856-1944); Grandpa would be William Mair (1850-1924); Uncle Will Mair would be his brother William (1877-1948); Minnie Mair would be William Mair's wife Agnes Minnie Morice (1875-1910); Rita Mair is their daughter Rita Florence Mair (1908 - ?); Don Mair is their son Donald Douglas Mair (1910-1984); Auntie Elsie is Dave Mair's sister Elsie Brown Mair (1886-1954); Uncle Lloyd is Elsie's husband Lloyd Mortimer (1893-1950 TBC). Elsie married Lloyd Mortimer on 7 December 1917 at Rippon Lea. At the time her parents were living at 'Roslyn', 283 Hotham Street, Rippon Lea. This is also the address for Elsie and Lloyd in the electoral rolls 2 years later. The writing is identified as being that of Beryl Mair on the basis of her inscriptions in her and her daughter Laurie Young's autograph books.

Physical description

A sepia photo mounted on grey paper of a well-dressed family in and beside a car. The group is comprised of 3 men, 3 women and 3 children. The road is not sealed; in the background are 2 single storey terrace houses with bull-nose verandas which are set behind a picket fence. The paper mount is well-worn and discoloured around the edges.

Inscriptions & markings

On rear: "Grannie Grandpa / Uncle Will Mair / Minnie Mair / Rita " / Don " / Auntie Elsie / Dave Mair's sister / Uncle Lloyd / Mortimer" On the basis of inscriptions in family autograph books, the first and third inscriptions look to have been written by Beryl Mair.