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Cooking Bowl - Quick Cooker

From the Collection of Warrnambool and District Historical Society Inc. 2 Gilles Street (south of Merri St) Warrnambool Victoria

This is a circular-shaped white china bowl. The base has a hollow tube protruding up through the centre of the bowl. There is printing on the outside of the bowl and on the top inside section. The lid of the bowl is missing.
W 19.5 cm. H 12.7 cm.
Object Registration
vintage culinary items, history of warrnambool, quick cooker
Historical information
This item is an early type of cooker and would have been used to cook meat and puddings in the first two or three decades of the 20th century. It has no known local provenance but may have been a display item from the old Warrnambool Museum which was established in 1883 and was dismantled in the 1960s.
When Made
Early 20th century
Made By
Grimwade (Maker)
This item, although incomplete, is of interest as a cooking bowl from the past and is retained for display purposes.
Inscriptions & Markings
The ‘Quick Cooker’ Patent No 12161/11
Gold Medal London 1911
Excellent for stews of all kind
Meat can be kept hot for hours without over-cooking or getting dry
Grimwade’s Patent Nos 12835/09, 15043/09
Do not fill above this line – The pudding then has room to expand
Water in saucepan should also be about this level -----
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