Historical information

This item was made by Crest Records, a Melbourne company established by Marcus Herman that recorded pop, jazz, folk, liturgical and other music from the early 1960s to the mid 1970s. The music and words of ‘A Silver Star’ were by Glorie Attrill nee McLean(1911-1998) who was born in Glenormiston, Victoria. She lived and farmed for some years at The Sisters and in her later years lived at Terang. She wrote several songs, with ‘A Silver Star’ being her best-loved composition. Her two autobiographical booklets are ‘Sunset Serenade’ and ‘At Twilight’. John McSwain was the son of an acquaintance in her childhood days.


This record is of interest as the one of the songs was written by a local woman, Glorie Attrill and the disc was recorded in Warrnambool in the 1970s.

Physical description

This is a circular 45 R.P.M. black disc with silver-coloured printing in the centre. The cove has a black and white photograph of the singer on the front with white and blue printing, an image of a star and the logo of the recording company. There are also two pink labels from the retail shop where the record was purchased. The back cover has black and blue printing

Inscriptions & markings

A Silver Star
John McSwain