Historical information

This programme gives details of the 1966 Annual Show of the Warrnambool Agricultural Society. As in most country towns and cities in Australia, the annual agricultural show in Warrnambool is an important social and agricultural event, especially for the farming community. The Warrnambool Agricultural Society, originally called the Villiers and Heytesbury Agricultural Association, was established in 1854 with the first show held at Warrnambool in 1855 and continuing to the present day.


This booklet is of interest as a souvenir of the Warrnambool Agricultural Society Annual Show from 50 years ago. It is of historical interest as it gives an insight into farming in the local Warrnambool area in the 1960s.

Physical description

This is a booklet of 60 pages. The cover has black printing and black and white photographs on the front cover and an advertisement on the back cover. The pages contain names of the Society’s office bearers, donors and details of the Show competitions and judging.