Historical information

Murray Comrie Collection.

This two-storey building was built in 1866 by the Colonial Bank of Australasia. Before this, the site had been occupied by Foo's shop. Whilst it was being built, the Colonial Bank operated from Company's Hotel (later known as Burstall Hall and the Council Chambers). The double-storey building in this image was used by the Colonial Bank from 1866 until 21st February, 1888. The premises were sold to the Union Bank for £2500. The Union Bank moved in and commenced operations on 6th June 1888, continuing until 1942. The building was later used as a general store until the 1990s. It is now a private residence.

This is a reasonable copy of an older original. Copy probably made by Murray Comrie in the 1960s.

Physical description

Monochrome photograph of the double-storey bank in Tarnagulla.