Historical information

Murray Comrie Collection.

Physical description

Photocopies of seven historical handwritten letters associated with Tarnagulla. Original letters are all 19th Century. Whereabouts of originals unknown. Copies probably made by Murray Comrie in the 1960s.

1. Character reference for David Renshaw written by Thomson & Comrie (1874?) - 1 copy
2. Letter to Melbourne Postmaster from William ______ about an advertisement (1860) - 3 copies
3. Two page letter from John Papineau of Sandy Creek to the Surveyor General regarding gazetting of land for a racecourse 3 miles from Newbridge next to the Loddon, and further gazetting to protect cemetery area at Tarnagulla from gold miners. (August 1859) Original may be in Lands Dept - 2 copies
4. Letter from the Postmaster Sandy Creek to same at Melbourne regarding daily mail despatch times (March 1860) - 3 copies
5. Letter to the Mayor and Councillors of the Borough of Tarnagulla from Prince Alfred? thanking them for welcoming him during his visit (1867). Original may be in Hall. - 3 copies
6. Letter to the Dept of Lands and Survey, Melbourne from John Papineau of Sandy Creek. States that he has enclosed a copy of his August 2nd letter. (1859) - 4 copies
7. Letter to David Renshaw from Parliament House. Appears to be a character reference. Dated 3rd October 1874 - 2 copies of page 1 only, no second page.