Historical information

David Miller (Dave) Mair (1879-1938) married Lily Vipond Deakin (1890-1945) in 1910.
Personal communication from Laurie Newton, Beryl's daughter: Dave and Lily initially lived in East Melbourne after they married. Their children Geoffrey, Beryl and Gwynneth were born in East Melbourne. They subsequently moved to Louise Avenue, Mont Albert and Isabel may have been born while they were there. Later they purchased 20 Barton Street, Mont Albert. Shirley was born after they moved to Barton Street.
Dave was an extremely keen sportsman (particularly bowls and cricket). He started the Kangaroo Cricket Club and worked for the Melbourne Cricket Club.


This is part of a large donation related to the Deakin, Mair and Young families with connections to the Surrey Hills / Mont Albert area.

Physical description

A sepia photo of a group of men and women grouped as in team or class photos against a leafy background. There are 23 men and 4 women. The women are all wearing large brimmed hats. The men are dressed in a variety of outfits. Most are wearing hats. Five are wearing stripey blazers but the rest are either in shirt sleeves with ties or light-coloured jumpers. On jumper has an emblem of a kangaroo facing forward over the left breast. There are 8 bowls lying randomly on the grass in front of the group.

Inscriptions & markings

FRONT: Two crosses marking a man and woman.
REAR: In black ink - "Kangaroos v M.C.C. 3 "B" / City Green / 12th March 1910 / Kutsy's last (single) / (in lead pencil) XX (In blue biro) David Millar Mair / Lily Vipond Dad & Mum Mair"
The later handwriting is thought to that of Beryl Young (nee Mair).