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From the Collection of Clunes Museum 36 Fraser Street Clunes Victoria

Colour photographs taken during Clunes 150 year Back to Clunes celebration
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back to clunes 150 years
Historical information
Images of the following people;
N Foster, Bob & Ros O'Brien, Lyn Foster, Wally Cook, Jock & Gordon McLennan, Donna Hellier, Les Johnson, Stuart Rodda, Mille & Chris Charleson, Pat Rodda, Brendan Rodda, Belinda Rodda, Kate Trigg, Norah Campbell, Robert Campbell, Andrew Brown, Chris Brown, Judith Brown, Dawn Musgrave, Dol Torney, Win Diamond, Mary Covendon, Rod Covery, Chris Hull, Norm Trigg, Malcom Hull, Mary McFarlane, Lynette & Teagan Ingram, Tom Evans, Bruce Reid, Pat Cook, Lindsay Torney, Allison & Andy Campbell
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17 Aug 2019 at 1:04PM