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Knitting project - Lovely Learned Luscious Ladies of Brighton knitting project

From the Collection of Brighton Historical Society First Floor Bayside Arts and Cultural Centre (Old Brighton Town Hall) Corner Carpenter and Wilson Streets Brighton Victoria

Irregular-shaped knitting project consisting of multicoloured knitted stripes in a variety of yarns and stitches created by a group of women over a period of eighteen years. The piece includes numerous additions and embellishments by the various makers, including sequins, beads, shells, badges, ornaments and laminated images.
Object Registration
brighton, brighton council, social groups, knitting, 1990s
Historical information
Formed in 1990 by a group of current and former social services and administrative staff at the then-Brighton Council, the Lovely Learned Luscious Ladies of Brighton were a group bound by friendship, humour, fun and a delightfully strange knitting project.

Each member took turns to add ten rows ten rows of knitting to the piece, following a series of handwritten rules on an attached card. The wool used was not to be bought, but could be "begged, borrowed or stolen", and previous work was not to be altered. The ladies met bi-monthly over dinner at local restaurants and hotels to swap gossip, play games and share the progress of the knitting.

The work of twelve women over eighteen years, the piece documents fond memories, personal passions, wedding celebrations, the birth of a grandchild, footy triumphs, holidays and major events. It is a testament to a close-knit friendship, as expressed on the rules card: "MAY THIS PIECE SERVE TO BIND US TOGETHER".
When Made
1990 - 2008
Made By
Lovely Learned Luscious Ladies of Brighton (Maker)
Inscriptions & Markings
Attached yellow laminated rectangular card with handwritten rules:
"1) Nominated member is to knit (in any stitch of choice) 10 rows of your best by the next meeting.
2) The yarn to be used is not to be purchased for the job but can be begged, borrowed or stolen.
3) The colour of yarn is to be left to member's discretion, but judgement will be passed by others.
4) The nominated member will not tamper with, pull out or destroy a previous member's work.
5) On returning the work to the meeting the member shall declare to what genuine purpose the piece will be put on completion (as a guide for future knitters), e.g. rug for favourite chardy, cock sock for lover.
6) The next knitter can (and shall be encouraged to) change the purpose as stated by the previous knitter.
7) This tag must not, without the permission of a majority of members, be removed.
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