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Photographs - James Findlay

From the Collection of Phillip Island and District Historical Society Inc. Heritage Centre 89 Thompson Avenue COWES VICTORIA

453-01: Black & White Photograph of James Findlay - Stonemason 1920. Constructed the Stone Cairn by the pier at Rhyll.
453-02: Photograph of James Findlay constructing the Rhyll Cairn 1922 together with a copy of the Inscription on the Plaque.
453-03: Photograph of the Stone Cairn at Rhyll being unveiled by The Earl of Stradbroke on 20th February 1923.
29.5 x 21
Object Registration
rhyll cairn, james findlay, bill cooper
Historical information
Photographs relating to the Rhyll Cairn constructed by James Findlay. Unveiling by The Earl of Stradbroke on 20th February 1923. Built to commemorate the discovery of Westernport by George Bass 4th January, 1798. Visits followed by Lieut James Grant March 1801, Lieut John Murray December 1801. The French under Capt. Baudin
April, 1802 and Capt D'Urville November 1826. Also the establishment of a temporary British settlement (For Dumaresq) December 1826.
When Made
1920 to 1923
Last updated
19 Aug 2019 at 4:49PM