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From the Collection of Bendigo Soldiers Memorial Institute Military Museum 37 - 39 Pall Mall Bendigo Victoria

(.1) A.M.F Mobilization assembly card, double sided re RC Allardice V40236 to report on Day 1 at the Surrey Hills Drill Hall, Black printed with purple stamps.
(.2) A.M.F notice to recruits to report on 23.1.1941 to the Drill Hall Robinson Road Surrey Hills. Document has written and typed in black and stamped in purple re RC Allardice.
(.1) L 14 x W 8, (.2) L 33 x W 20. CMS
Object Registration
Historical information
Items relate to Reginald Charles ALLARDICE V40236 AMF and 418577 RAAF. Refer Cat No 3627.5 for his service history.
When Made
(.1) 1941, (.2) 16.1.1941.
Last updated
28 Aug 2019 at 3:54PM