Physical description

School Magazine of St Patrick's College, Ballarat. Includes a boarders' Roll Call. Articles include: Ballarat Still a Golden City, What Shall I Be?

Images:S.P.C. From the Air, Senior Dormitory, A Scene in the Botanical Gardens, Ballarat, dining rooom, Christian Brothers' Novitate and Training College, Strathfield, N.S.W.

Advertisements: Ballarat Trustees, Heinz Brothers Butchers, Middleton and Morris, National Trustees, F. Cannon Hairdresser, G. Werner & Co, Clegg, Miller and Morrow, Rowlands, Gordon Brothers, Loreto Convent, St Alysius Junior Boys' School Portland, Coghlan Boase and Co, Briant's Red Shop Tea Rooms, Ballarat Supply Stores, Stephen Wellington furnishing undertaker, W. Cornell, Eden Photographs, W.E. Longhurst Bread, Sacred Heart Boarding School, St Anes' Ladies' College Geelong, Ballarat Brewing Company, J.S. Young Suit Builders, George Smithm, Kearns Brothers Fish and Oyster Saloon, T.G. Skewes Pharmacy, J.A. Reynolds Wal paper Wahehouse, Walter Gude Music Teacher, Snows, Auldana Wines, J. Ewins Book Store, Cowdell, Tonner and Ellis, Richards and Co, Kruse's Fluid Magnesia, Jago's Ballarat Boot Palace, R.J. Miller Undertaker, W.C. Thomas and Sons Flour Millers, Broadbent Bros, W.E. Thomas American Dentist, Harry Davies and Co., Permewan Wright, William P. Linehan, Tyler's Clothing Arcadem C. Marks and Co, Coad and Hewitson Chaff Cutters.

Inscriptions & markings

Written on first page Walsh, Vectis South, Horsham.