Historical information

Girls: Anne - Maree Mactier, Josephine O'Toole, Jane McKenzie, Margaret Lally, Barbara Dowell, Judith Mitchell, Bev Rollinson, Suzanne Cummins, Meridith Cheatley.
Front: Pauline O'Toole, John Deane, Angela Ioranni, Carol Rollinson.
Boys: I. Richardson, Kevin Lally, R.Cheatley, D Van Every, Peter Francis, Gerald Mulcahy, Peter Harnetty, Ian Thomas, Michael Wilson, Ross Stammers, Peter Steen, Terry Fletcher.

Physical description

photos of Junior Deb set C1958 - one photo of girls and the second of boys.

Inscriptions & markings

Junior Deb set. Girls were on stage standing in boxes (meant to be dolls). Boys came along, bowed, and the dolls came alive.