Historical information

The donor George Lister Coop was about 19 years of age when he took this photo. It is one of a small series of photos donated by him that relate to Mont Albert and Surrey Hills stations. He has always had an interest in railways and there are other examples of his documentation of railway history in other collections contributing to this database.


This documents the original building on the northern platform of the Mont Albert station. The railway line was extended out to Lilydale with work commencing in 1882. It is not known exactly when the Mont Albert station was built, but it opened in 1890. It is presumed that this building was demolished when the third line was constructed in 1971. At this time the nearby Surrey Hills original station buildings were demolished.

Physical description

A black & white photo of Mont Albert station taken from the north platform adjacent to High Street, looking towards Box Hill. It clearly shows the bend in the line beyond the platforms. it also shows both the original buildings; the one on the north side having been demolished. There is a lady on the south platform adjacent to Hamilton Street. The roof line only of one of the Hamilton Road shops can be seen.