Historical information

As an incentive to improve school work and develop student leadership, from 1927 former Clarendon PLC student Nellie Sutherland (Coulter) donated a silver cup each year. The cup soon became a prestigious award. It was awarded to the girl holding the leading place in 'work, sport and above all moral character'. The cups were awarded annually until to 1951. Mrs Sutherland made these gifts partly to remember her school days under Mrs Kennedy and because the school in Mair Street was built on the site of her former home. But the main reason was in memory of her two brothers Jason and Les killed during World War 1. In 2001 the Junior School Parent Group funded the ongoing award for a Year 6 student. The award criteria in 2001 were 'general excellence in academic achievement, respect for and from others, a positive role model, involvement and initiative'.
This Coulter Cup was awarded in 1946 to Barbara Walter.

Physical description

Small silver double-handed cup with ornate edge to cup lip and engraving on face

Inscriptions & markings

Engraved on face of cup: CPLC crest / THE COULTER CUP / 1946