Historical information

The 79th Fighter Squadron was initially formed at Laverton on the 26th April, 1943 under the command of flying ace Squadron Leader Alan Rawlinson, but within seven days moved to Wooloomanata Homestead on the Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Rd, No 1580 in Victoria. It was a Spitfire Squadron and used Wooloomanata as a training base before flying. It was disbanded 20th October, 1945.


Of national Significance as a Spitfire Squadron training camp in Lara Districts during WW2

Physical description

Glossy photo and A4 document

Inscriptions & markings

On the back of the photo is "No:15 Course 18th April 1943 on the steps of Wooloomanata Homestead Southern Side". On the bottom is a list of the names of those in the photo. Left to Right Rear Row: Maj. K. Ewen, Capt. N.F. Attree, Capt. C.N. Bucknell, Capt. J.L. McKenzie, Capt. C.D. Seabrook, Lt. W.G. Foley. Second row from rear: Maj. C. Dumble, Capt. A. Tavener, Maj. F. Langford, Maj. T.A.R. Cleave, Capt. M.D. Waller, Capt. J.B. Ainslie, Capt. G.M.Taylor. Third row from rear: Capt. E.K. Jennings, Lt. J.H. Loxton, Capt. D.J. Breheny, Lt. R.V. Stephens, Capt J.W.D. Cornell, Maj. C.A. Ricketts, Lt. A.R. Creswick. Fourth row from rear: Lt. W. Ruthven (V.C.), Capt. R.C. Tomkins, Capt. R.J.Bermingham, Maj. A.E. Arnott, Capt. L.S. Ralton, Maj. F.L. Edmunds, Capt. W.E. Paterson. Fifth row from rear: Maj. H.W. Stockwell, Capt. C.A. Ferry, Maj. A.C. Jennings, Capt. W.L. Hart, Maj. R.R. Marston, Capt. R.A. Cameron, Capt. R.W.M. Page. Sixth Row from rear: Lt. A.E. Pizzy, Capt. A.G. Yungman, Maj.T.G. Court, Maj. J.B. Chapman, Maj. H.F. Gough, Maj. P.L. Barbour, Maj. H.M. Heward, Maj. E.C. Nolte. Front Row: Lt. G.H. Rowden, Capt. C.J.F. Pollett, Maj. A.E.Bunbury, Lt-Col. E.W. Bundey, Major W.A. Cronk, Capt. B.V. Eames, Lt. N.D. Anderson, Maj. C.A. Lotherington. Absent: Lt. R.R. Webster, Lt. R.B. Blackwell
The A4 is a written description of a brief history of the 79th Fighter Squadron