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Letter book - The Victorian Seamens' Mission, Institutes and Rests: No 1 Letter Book (1895-1902)

From the Collection of Mission to Seafarers Victoria 717 Flinders Street Docklands Victoria

Large alphabetically indexed book with leather bound spine and corners with green stiff board covers and red marbled end papers. Contains some 754 bound letters mostly hand written on numbered fine thin 19th C. duplicating paper in red brown [sepia] ink. Paper label pasted over spine with handwritten content and inscriptions and cross referenced and indexed listings of each recipient of correspondence.
35.5 x 23.5 x 5 cm
Object Registration
correspondence records, seafarer advocacy, seafarer shore facilities, ship to shore, victoria-missions-to-seamen, index
Historical information
One of 2 volumes of late 19th early 20th Century letter books. Each volume provides us with extensive listings of correspondence with supporters, fundraisers, patrons, architects, Mission staff and business transactions carried out by the Honorary Secretary Mr WHC Darvall over the period of a decade. Queen Victoria, Governors of Victoria: Earl of Hopetoun, Lord Brassey, Sir George Sydenham Clark, Lord Talbot and Governors General: Baron Northcote, performers such as Nellie Melba, Kitty Grindley, Sir Samuel Gllott president of the Law Institute, Hugh Reid, Crawford Pasco R.N. FRGS are just a few.
When Made
late 19th Century
Made By
W.H.C. Darvall (Maker)
The late 19th C - early 20th C period covered by the 2 vol collection of correspondence records together with annual reports and minutes documents a significant transition period not only across centuries but also towards a new framework of operations for the original mid 19th C founded Mission to seamen. The death of a long-standing Chaplain, Wesleyan, Ebenezer James in 1901 eventually led to a proposed merger in 1905 which resulted in the amalgamation of the Victorian Mission with the Anglican based Mission to Seafarers under the leadership of Rev'd Gurney Goldsmith who arrived in 1905. The new Mission was launched in 1906 with a long planned and much needed new central building opened in 1907 on the Australian Wharf. Mr Darvall, in his time produced a handwritten 40 page epitomised history, drawn from annual reports and was exceptionally meticulous in his efforts to cross reference related correspondence, press clippings, report material and documents. He was a strong supporter of Libraries and first town clerk of Beechworth.
Inscriptions & Markings
Primary inscription on title page ( see title field this record) also:
"Commencing on Sunday 1st of February , 1895. / Ending on Saturday 18th December , 1902 / Indexed to / Page 18,22,29,32,34,35,44,45,48,53,63,75,80,82, 90, 112, 120, 121,136,151,167,171,173,174, 185, 200, 212, 216, 218, 232, 233, 241, 361, 362, 373, 375, 378, 428, 455, 477, 508, 509, 516, 520, 521, 543, 562, 607, 657, 658, 667, 669, 706, 718, 724, 732, 735, 738, 741, 745 748, 749 ./
WHC Darvall / Hon'y Secretary. "
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