Historical information

This is a letterhead from Proudfoot’s Boathouse in Warrnambool. Thomas Proudfoot built the boathouse near the mouth of the Hopkins River in 1885 and it was an accommodation and dining place for tourists, especially for those interested in fishing and other recreational pursuits and it was the base for the Hopkins Rowing Club. Proudfoot built additions in 1888 and 1893 and after he died in 1900 his wife Catherine continued on the business for over 30 years, transferring the licence to her son. In 1939 Thomas Proudfoot’s granddaughter, Ena Hunt gained the licence and operated the business with her husband Percy until 1979. It is Percy Hunt’s name on the letterhead described here. The business today is mainly centred around catering and dining. In the 1990s other buildings were added to the boathouse complex, with the original buildings now being heritage-listed.


This item is of some interest as it is the only memento we have of the Hunt family’s 40 years proprietorship of Proudfoot’s Boathouse, a significant set of buildings in Warrnambool.

Physical description

This is a single sheet of cream coloured paper with blue and red printing and a blue-coloured photograph of Proudfoot’s Boat House. It is slightly creased.

Inscriptions & markings

The Boat House Warrnambool
P.J.Hunt Proprietor
Telephone 131