Historical information

Each record has a number and the title of the piece. The artists' names are also mentioned and the length of time it plays. The "record should run 160 revolutions per minute - not faster or slower".
.1) Blue Amberol No. 1868 - "Lasca" - F Deprez / Edgar Davenport
.2) Amberol No. 999 - "Peggy Gray" - Thurland Chatterway
.3) Blue Amberol No.1819 - "Just a Wee Deoch and Doris" - Harry Lauder
.4) Blue Amberol No. 12206 - "Killarney" - Violet Oppenshaw. (There is no lid for this record.)
.5) Amberol No. 863 - "Winter" / "March Song" - Billy Murray and Chorus
.6) Amberol No. 12347 - "By the Sea" - Stanley Kirkby

Physical description

6 Record cylinders, each in a cardboard cylindrical case.

Inscriptions & markings

Title of record with its number on the lid of the case. Title stamped on the end face of cylinder. Detailed Copyright information - 1900 by the National Phonograph Co., Orange, New Jersey, U.S.A.