Historical information

Boggy Creek Bridge was built in 1916 as part of the Bairnsdale to Orbost extension to the main Gippsland Railway, and is situated in the middle of the township of Nowa Nowa, crossing a steep-sided and well-timbered creek-valley. This section of the line closed in 1987.


This item is a pictorial record of the Boggy Creek railway bridge on the East Gippsland line. This bridge plays a major part in the identity and history of the town of Nowa Nowa, since Boggy Creek’s steep sided valley divides the township into two components.

Physical description

A black / white photograph of a bridge across a river in the bush. It is under glass in a brown wooden frame which has gold decorated edges. There appears to be a man sitting on rocks in the right front foreground.

Inscriptions & markings

on front of photograph - "Nowa Nowa Creek, Gippsland, Victoria, Sears, Copyright"