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framed black and white photograph

From the Collection of Orbost & District Historical Society Ruskin Street Orbost Victoria

A black / white photograph of a man in a brass band uniform. He is holding a brass instrument (French horn?). It is under glass in a white wooden frame.
H-400mm W-330mm
Object Registration
1345French Horn?)
heather-clem orbost-brass-band music recreation
Historical information
This is a photograph of Mr Clem Heather, band leader. Clem Heather was a Forestry employee in Orbost,
The Orbost Workers' Band was started in 1889 by Donald and Archie Munro. The band folded after the town was devastated by floods in 1893. Charles Spink reformed the group in 1905. It split in 1908 and the breakaway band was named the Orbost Workers Band. The two bands, The Orbost Workers and Orbost Town Band would often compete against each other. Eventually, in 1913, the two bands amalgamated to form the Orbost Municipal band. The old Orbost Municipal Band recorded its last meeting in 1941 -a lack of effort and membership. The new Orbost Municipal Band was restarted by Clem Heather (a previous member) on Wednesday 20th September, 1961 and continued into the late 1980s when lack of interest caused it to become defunct.
When Made
mid - second half 20th century
This is a pictorial record associated with the Orbost Brass Band. The various Orbost bands over the years played a major role in community activities providing entertainment and musical experiences for the many members
Inscriptions & Markings
on front -????????? Orbost
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