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accounts book

From the Collection of Orbost & District Historical Society Ruskin Street Orbost Victoria

An almost new blue covered book for accounts and receipts. It has a navy blue spine and white print on the cover - "TUDOR DUPLICATE BOOK No. 37". It contains a record of ammunition. Only two pages of 100 have been used.
H-204mm W-123mm
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Historical information
The Orbost Rifle Club existed in the early 20th century. (There are records from 1900). It folded in the late 1970's. This book was used by the club just before it folded.
When Made
24-27 May 1978
Made By
Orbost Rifle Club (Maker)
Target shooting is one of the oldest organised sports in Australia. Records date back to the British Marines at Sydney Cove in 1788. The Victorian Rifle Association (VRA) was formed in 1860.
One of the most important adjuncts to the militia system from 1903 to the re-organisation of 1912 was the role played by the Rifle Club movement in Australia. At the time, these clubs were seen as the reservoir of manpower for a potential guerrilla force should any invasion occur. For Australia, the invasion fear was uppermost in the minds of the population.
So important were the rifle clubs for the defence of Australia that the Commonwealth provided the training staff, rifles and ammunition so the clubs could function. Members were drilled, wore uniforms and practised all the basic skills of soldiering as well as target shooting. The Orbost Rifle Club was active during this period.
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