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44-minute video documentary on 1986 Victorian nurses strike - Running out of patience : the 1986 Victorian nurses strike

From the Collection of Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation Level 1 535 Elizabeth St Melbourne Victoria

44 minute video file (.mp4 multimedia format), transferred from original videocassette. In colour, with sound. Original was released with a booklet explaining the broader context for the documentary.
43 minutes; 46 seconds
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labor, labour history, nurses, royal australian nursing federation, strikes, industrial action, film, trade unions, 1986 victorian nurses strike, nursing, strike action, unionism, campaigning, victoria, health system, staffing, australia, irene bolger, strikes and lockouts, history
Historical information
In October 1986, Victorian nurses began an historic strike action which was to last 50 days. This video is the nurses version of the dispute. Despite widespread condemnation mainly from the media, the nurses eventually won out for an appropriate career structure including significant pay increases. Actual strike footage together with nursing training films and old photographs explore vocational stereotypes and place the strike in the context of the current crisis in the health care system.
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Made By
Alison Tilson (Maker), Christine [Chris] Brown (Maker), Serena Everill (Maker), Royal Australian Nursing Federation (Victorian Branch) (Maker)
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7 Nov 2019 at 2:48PM