Historical information

When the German Government imposed ID cards on the Dutch population they employed the collaborator and expert designer Jacob Lentz who claimed they were impossible to forge. The Jewish ones showed a black J on both front and back. However, a Jewish woman living in the Netherlands, Alice Cohn, did learn how to replicate them and thus saved numerous Jewish lives.


These items are significant insofar as all Dutch citizens over the age of 15 were obliged to carry ID on their persons at all times.

Physical description

Proof of Identity cards issued by the Dutch Government under orders of the German occupying forces. Inside each folder are the owner's full name; DOB; address; occupation; fingerprints and Date of Issue.

Inscriptions & markings

a) Photograph and signature of male - J.W.W. v. Alphen. Stamp: Gemeente (Municipality) Rotterdam. Inside cover: R29 No.487892. DOB: Sept.20 1890.
b) Photograph and signature of female - H. v. Alphen. Stamp: Gemeente (Municipality) 's-Gravenhage. Inside cover: G41 No.003830. DOB: 12 July, 1920.