Historical information

A.J.Gregor, a Sunbury resident, had written the message on the back of the card to his cousin Harriet on the 11th April 1912 informing her of his state of health and some of the town's activities. Those mentioned were his need to travel to the hospital in Melbourne fot medical treatment, billiard contests at the local hotel, theatre shows in the town as well as weather details.


The message on the reverse side of the card gives an insight into the day to day happenings in Sunbury in 1912.

Physical description

A sepia post card with four photographs of sites in Sunbury, namely the Mill Fall, Rupertswood mansion, Dr. Faulkner's residence and the race track at Kismet. A greeting is also on the card. A handwritten note is on the back of the card.

Inscriptions & markings