Historical information

The original Weatherly Library was situated in the space immediately on the left of the archway. The fittings and furnishing of the library was a generous gift in 1936 of Mrs H P Mackenzie of Trawalla in honour of her pioneer parents, Mr and Mrs William Weatherly. The library was panelled with blackwood and fitted with shelves intended to eventually house 3000 books. Specially made solid blackwood chairs, upholstered in genuine hide, two long reading tables, an upholstered bench seat under the north window and an ornate carved mantelpiece topped by a classical broken pediment framing a carved head of Minerva were also donated.
In 1971 this library was no longer large enought o serve the growing number of boys at the college; it was replaced by a bigger, separate building, also known as the Weatherly Library. This building is currently in use, and recently renovated, as the senior staff room. In 1993 a third library building was opened and named Erindale in recognition of property associated with Clarendon PLC. In 2012 the school opened the Fraser Library on the senior campus in honour of old collegian and school council chair, Darrell J Fraser.

Physical description

Wooden frames with mounts and glass; both include printed descriptions; one includes a black and white photograph