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black and white photographs

From the Collection of Orbost & District Historical Society Ruskin Street Orbost Victoria

Four black / white photographs related to the Orbost Show.
3086.1 is of three young boys wearing sashes. The middle boy is holding a trophy.
3086.2 shows a woman bending over a young girl wearing a sash.
3086.3 has three girls, one one right wearing a hat, one on left has a sash.
3086.4 is of three women holding babies. All babies have sashes and the one in the middle has a trophy
H-128mm W-165mm
Object Registration
Historical information
These photographs are of winners in the Orbost Agricultural Show's Show Boy and Show Girl competitions.
The first photograph is of Peter? Joiner and Jarod Forrester in the Master Show Bow Competition.
The second is of Pauline Bommer (Weston) and her daughter at the Nowa Nowa Gymkhana.
The third has Chloe Kenny on the left.
in the fourth photograph are Dianna Munn with Laura; Sharon Chambers with Jessica and Sharon Cook with Tayla.
When Made
second half 20th century - 1980's?
These photographs are pictorial records of a social event in Orbost. They are associated with the Orbost Agricultural Society 's Annual Show which has been a major event in Orbost for over a century.
Agricultural shows are an important part of cultural life in small country towns and the Orbost Show is an integral part of Orbost 's agricultural history.
Inscriptions & Markings
On the back of each photo are the details and names.
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