Historical information

Ancestor of Sub Branch member


Pte. Dempster was an ancestor of a Montmorency/Eltham sub-branch member.

Physical description

British War Medal
Silver disc with a straight clasp suspender without a swivel
Ribbon (in clasp) - wide central watered stripe of orange, flanked by two narrow white stripes, which are in turn flanked by two black pin-stripes, further flanked by two outer stripes of blue
Obverse ... bare headed effigy of King George V (by Sir Bertram Mackennal) facing left with the legend around circumference
Reverse ... St. George on horseback trampling shield of eagle (symbol of "Central Powers"); above is rising sun of victory.

Victory Medal
Bronze disc with circular loop which is threaded with ribbon
Ribbon - a ‘two rainbow’ design, with the violet from each rainbow on the outside edges moving through to a central red stripe where both rainbows meet
Obverse ... image of "winged Victory"
Reverse ... inscription surrounded by laurel reath

Inscriptions & markings

British War Medal
Obverse ... GEORGIVS V BRITT OMN : REX ET IND. IMP. (George V, King of all the British Isles and Emperor of India)
Reverse ... 1914 1918
Rim ... Pte J. H. Dempster, 24 BN AIF

Victory Medal
Obverse ... no inscription
Reverse ... THE GREAT WAR FOR CIVILIZATION 1914 - 1919
Rim ... Pte J. H. Dempster, 24 BN AIF