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Digital photographs series - Floor boards and main hall, Flying Angel Club after renovation winter 2019

From the Collection of Mission to Seafarers Victoria 717 Flinders Street Docklands Victoria

Object Registration
building renovations, flying angel club
Historical information
Long awaited building renovations in 2019 commenced with the replacement and upgrade of the 102 year old floorboards in the main hall and old Billiard room of the Mission to Seafarers Victoria. Some stumping replaced and repaired in places. Many older seafarers especially recall the regular dances hosted by chaperoned local young women and members of the Ladies Harbour lights Guild that commenced in the 1930s and carried on through to the 1960s. (see also significance statement)
When Made
These photographs are another historical record. As a listed Building of Heritage significance the Mission to Seafarers commenced in consultation with heritage advice as per Burra Charter, the first phase of renovations to the century old building complex at 717 Flinders St which is still providing services and facilities to seafarers as per the original purpose and design. The club room or main hall was the sight of many performances, slide shows, film screenings, and events to entertain or raise funds for the Mission.
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4 Mar 2020 at 3:50PM