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Deputy Registrar's Certificate For Undertaker and Certificate Of Burial

From the Collection of Tarnagulla History Archive Tarnagulla Public Hall, Commercial Rd Tarnagulla Victoria

Transcript of document (partly printed, partly handwritten):

Deputy Registrar's Certificate For Undertaker

I, P.K. Lucker, Deputy Registrar of Births, Deaths in the District of Tarnagulla do hereby certify that the death of James Cook was duly registered by me on this day.

WITNESS my hand this 20th April 1872 PK Lucker, Deputy Registrar.

Certificate Of Burial

I, Philip Masters of Tarnagulla, Undertaker do hereby certify that the body of James Cook who died at Tarnagulla , was on the 21st day of April 1872 duly buried at Tarnagulla Cemetery, in _________ presence.

Witness our hands this 22nd day of April, 1872.

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Historical information
A large lot of papers, including this and many other birth, death and burial records, were apparently found in the ceiling cavity of the Sandy Creek/Tarnagulla Post and Telegraph Office in the later 20th Century, during building works.

Donald Clark Collection.

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