Historical information

Material pertaining to the production of a history of the Shire of Eltham, "Pioneers & Painters: One Hundred Years of Eltham and its Shire" in recognition of the shire's centenary in 1971

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04768-1 Newspaper clipping - The Eltham of 1905; Gellibrand our first white visitor? Diamond Valley News, 24 June 1969, p5
04768-2 Newspaper clipping - The Eltham of 1905; Gellibrand our first white visitor? Heidelberger, 25 June 1969
04768-3 Notes on Eltham District Road Board Members 1866-1871
04768-4 Notes on Eltham District Road Board Members 1866-1871
04768-5 Map showing Gellibrand's likely route through district 12-13 February 1836 and Hoddles's route of Febrary 1838
04768-6 Notes by Shire Secretary, M.B. Watson regarding meeting with Reverend Longfield regarding history of St Margaret's Church
04768-7 Alan Marshall's notes from discussion with Mr. F. Barrett regarding SEPP images 611, 635 and 636 SEPP_0611 SEPP_0635 SEPP_0636
04768-8 Transcripts of letter from local residents to Charles Joseph Latrobe requesting a bridge over the Plenty River dated 10 April 1849 and his reply dated 5 May 1849; from Latrobe Library Archives - Land Branch Records
04768-9 Notes on history of Eltham Shire, Centenary events and publication of Pioneers & Painters for release in conjunction of opening of new Library
04768-10 Newspaper clipping - Glossy record of shire's romantic past and the people who made it by Fab Calafuri, Diamond Valley News, Tuesday, December 16, 1986, p18
SEPP_0755-3 Letter: Acknowledgement from Colin J. Bock, Eltham Shire Secretary to A.R. Thomas of Bendigo for copy of 1913 photograph of Shire of Eltham Councilors, 21 May 1973 A.R. Thomas' father Mr. A.G. Thomas, C.E., was the Shire Secretary at the time in 1913. Cross Ref: SEPP_0755


The idea to develop a book on the history of the Shire of Eltham to be edited by noted author, Alan Marshall in celebration of the shire's centenary was initiated in 1969. The Shire of Eltham Historical Society undertook significant research in conjunction with Alan Marshall locating material at various institutions and other societies; interviewing longer term residents and a public campaign through the local press to acquire photographic material for duplication and use in the book. The public campaign received generous response and the material collected became the genesis for the Shire of Eltham Pioneers Photograph collection now held in partnership between Eltham District Historical Society and Yarra Plenty Regional Library (Eltham Library).

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Paper documents of various sizes and newspaper clippings