Historical information

This is a ticket for one adult to cruise on the P.S.Curlip 11 which operated from the Brodribb Jetty in Marlo.from 2007 - 2015.
"Paddle Steamer Curlip, a 62 feet long, traditional, plank on frame carved timber vessel, that was built by the people of East Gippsland at Orbost, in far Eastern Victoria.
The undertaking to design and build this vessel, as a community project commenced in 2002. The community, based around Orbost was largely dependant on the Timber industry in the surrounding Victorian High Country.
With the closure of Alpine logging and the creation of vast National Parks, the people of the region needed to create a major undertaking to bond the community and engender… a sense of belonging, this was critical for many of the men, who were dispossessed with the loss of their historical timber and forestry industry." (Information from website: https://www.curlip.com.au/)
The Paddle Steamer Curlip 11 is a reproduction of the historic Curlip a small paddle steamer built by Samuel Richardson and his sons at his Tabbara sawmill near Orbost. It helped open up the region in the 1880’s before road or rail, serviced East Gippsland. Much work is being done to restore the Curlip 11 so that it can begin again as a tourist cruise boat.


The P.S.Curlip 11 is Victoria's only Paddle Steamer. It was a community project involving many Orbost peolpe.

Physical description

A rectangular, white paper ticket with black print. In red is No. 1297 and the date and cruise time are hand-written in blue pen. ttached to the back of the ticket is a printed receipt.